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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How so much can change in year

This time last year I was an OT student on my last placement in London. Working in a community paediatric setting, completely out of my comfort zone and absolutely loving it. Celebrating my 21st in Oxford, London and the Isle of Wight. I was in awe of the amazing therapists I was working with, aspiring to be as good as them at that point in my career. The idea of having a job and actually being an OT felt like it was ages away...

Oh my gosh, how time flies!! Fast forward a year, and here I am, nearly 4 months into my first post as an OT. Working in an acute setting in medicine - and yes, still loving it.
I've gone from living in hospital accommodation with a series of weird flatmates, to moving in with my boyfriend and gaining a furry baby (our kitten, Ted). My hour commute (both from Essex to E London and Cotswolds to Oxford) has been replaced by a Seven and a half minute drive to work! And my dream of being an OT working in a physical setting and putting into practice all I have learnt and experienced in the past 3 years has become a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me over the past 3 years xxx

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