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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Okay so its been quite a while since I posted on here but working full time and building up my new life in northamptonshire is taking its toll on my free time... don't get me wrong though, I am loving it! !!

We are slowly getting there with collecting furniture around us - making a compromise between costs, wants and needs. There are a few small things left we wish to get to make it feel like we've been able to put our mark on the place. As it's getting colder, and wetter (and muddier) I am noticing both the pros and cons of having the downstairs almost entirely tiled. Yes the floor is colder and a bit on the slippery side when first coming in from outside, the benefit of it is its easier to mop up the muddy foot prints of our furry son.
So far we have had a few guests to come and stay, first up was Katie,  G and paul for my birthday weekend, along with a flying visit from Sammi, nanny came up next and then Ben's sister and her partner.
Its nice being able to settle and nest in one area for more than 4 months - as my previous chapter where by I was a nomadic student did not easily allow for continuity. Northamptonshire and my new little home is really starting to feel like home, and I think Ben feels the same! As per usual he already has a better grasp of the area than I do. He's enjoying his new job so things are finally starting to become easier and we are settling into our routine. Ted is getting big now and curious as a curious thing!! This evening I was upstairs fixing the blind only to find him sat the otherside of the window on the roof!!

I am still loving my job, it feels weird to have fit in so quickly, I'm lucky as I work such a great team. I'm currently covering several other wards in medicine which is great because its really challenging me and I am able to hone my prioritisation and delegation skills as well as my ability to manage myself and environments!! Ive almost been there for 6 months now, during which I've met princess anne, started my preceptorship and am due to spend a day promoting OT as a career choice for gcse students.
I've reached a point in my career which I would suppose I'd deem to be a milestone, which is hard to explain but it was a kind of eureka moment when things just fell into place - it was a great feeling.


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