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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Finding time for CPD

Since rotating, and taking on a few more responsibilities I have been struggling to find time in the office to complete a reflection I started in October for my preceptorship...

A reflection...I know!? I shouldn't take that long right - But every time I go into the office to sit down and finish it I find other more pressing tasks arise. For example I listen to the office answer phone and then end up chasing and sorting the answer phone messages; I find notes that need filing; admin paper work that is required to be submitted imminently, the list goes on...

I currently have a list of 17 items to summarise on my CPD sheets (Appendix 1.7: Logsheet for CPD activity in BAOT preceptorship handbook), oops!

Therefore my #ResOTlution14 is to manage my CPD file/pile/stack/mess more effectively, (and to continue blogging at least until I have completed a whole year qualified). 

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