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Monday, 13 January 2014

If my career as an OT fails, I can always become a mystic

As in mystic Lucie Meg...

In June I updated the left hand column of my blog to read

"From then on? Who knows.

Although it will probably involve trying to make a new home for myself,
 building flat-pack furniture, collecting household items from various places,
 scouring charity shops and car boots, decorating, exploring, meeting new 
people, a preceptorship, cats, OT, medical conditions, weekends in Canterbury,
 Northamptonshire, being a proper OT, working, being an official adult..."

I have achieved all of the above. Tick!! 

I have a home, a lovely little house I rent with my boyfriend and cat; I've become pretty great at flat pack furniture, I have enough furniture now that it is impossible to fit my entire life into my pug 107.  I have made new friends, and explored my new area. I'm half way through my preceptorship, and been to Canterbury twice. I am a proper OT and am officially an adult. 

I am content as a proverbial 'content thing'!


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