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Sunday, 13 April 2014


I cannot believe it's already mid April; 3 months have passed since my last post. Things are very much the same, still loving my job. Still finding it hard to find time to post. On the plus side it's sunnier and my garden is looking pretty!!

I've been reflecting on the change I have seen in myself throughout my 'journey' following several comments from friends and family. Some attributes I feel I have gained, or developed wholly as a person, and some I feel are more dominant at work.

When I am 'work' me, I am very much myself, just with a little more restraint, not much else changes about me. On a daily basis I put myself in situations outside of my comfort zone, as per the description of my job - I have to approach people, make telephone calls and be decisive; things which I find lacking in my 'home' me. In fact decisiveness, on my lack of at home is the main reason Ben and I bicker.
I have never been brilliant with words, and tend to 'say it how it is' so to speak, but I am increasingly able to be articulate and concise in communication at work. Although I still find myself saying such things as 'mrs lady in bed...over there' and using gestures to describe things when I am unable to find the word - these happen less frequently now, but they are typical 'lucieisms'.

In general I feel I am more balanced, I have occupational balance. I am in flow. And I am enjoying being able to use all the words and phrases I learned at uni to describe myself :p. Throughout my life, I have never been described as confident, all my school reports stated that I lacked it. But I feel confident now, I feel I am competent and capable to do my job, and it's a great feeling.

I plan to post a final post around the date I will have been working for a year as a qualified OT, and will continue to monitor my blog and reply to the messages I receive. I may even add additional posts now and again, but I certainly plan to keep the blog live, as I enjoy being able to document my personal and professional progress.


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